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Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport Co., Colusa, United States

What To Pack On Your Next Fishing Trip

17 Dec 2020

Fishing can be a relaxing way to spend the day either by yourself or with family. The relaxation can get interrupted if you find yourself missing a few key items to make your trip successful. If you are in the Colusa, California area. Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport Co might have just what you need.

Any fishing trips can be cut short if you don’t have the proper supplies, make yourself a checklist to keep track of anything you have to bring with you. Check out this list to add to your list!

Bait - Unseen circumstances can cause you to lose your bait quickly. Live bait falls off the hook or those pesky fish sneak a bite. Synthetic bait can get caught in weeds or branches. Don’t forget to pack extra so you can keep on fishing. Most fishing shops have some of the most affordable fishing gear and plenty of bait to choose from.

Line Cutters – If you need to remove your hooks, you should have a pair of line cutters with you to make sure you keep your line unfrayed. Fraying makes the line weaker and this can lead to breakage.

Licenses – Never forget your license! No matter where you decide to go fishing, there will be licenses and permits you have to take with you to be allowed to fish there. If you go out on a boat, don’t forget the insurance and registration.

Clothing – Make sure you pack clothing fitting the weather and conditions of the water but be sure to pack in case of rain. Extra socks might go a long way in keeping you comfortable while you relax by the water. Check your local fishing store for gear that is waterproof and invest in a nice pair of long boots.

Inside the Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport Co
Inside the Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport Co

First Aid Kit – When your out in nature, you can get hurt easily and be too far away to get immediate help. Make sure you pack a well-stocked first aid kit for any emergencies you might come across. Hooks are sharp and dealing with them so closely is likely to leave you with a cut. Having bandages with you will allow you to clean up and protect the cut so you can keep fishing.

No matter where you plan to go, always have a plan and plenty of supplies with you. Ask an employee at an outdoor store for any other tips that might save you time and money!

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17 Dec 2020
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