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What Is prince 2 Project Management (London centric)?

17 May 2021

This simple definition of project management is not sufficient to cover all aspects of project management. There are many different factors that influence any project, as well as the variety of software and processes that can be used to manage those projects. A project can combine multiple processes to a single goal, resulting in a number of different types of project management, each with its own unique characteristics. Although the definition of project management referred to earlier is common among all projects and sometimes de terminology project. As on a prince 2 London and practitioner training.

Project Management Team
Project Management Team

Looking at the different types of projects, it is easy to see the different segments they would fall under. Within this broad category of project management you will be able to find those that a person may embark on at any point in their career. Long-term projects such as constructions, construction and demolition are usually job-based, revolving from day to day with few changes. A short-term project would include almost unlimited scope, requiring the momentum of limited time and expense. Some instances of long-term planning would be websites and more focused planning into the content area, with the main goal of getting investors/partners. Short-term planning could also include local planning as well as planning projects that take place between major events.

Another very specific type of project would be an energy project. Although energy projects require a certain amount of technology to be implemented on sites, they rely on the science of physics to build and maintain the project. Those energy projects are deemed to be engineering based, rather than job based. A project that is 'liquid' and capable of evolving to fit shift requests are said to be a 'solid' project. The goal of these types of project must be the development of a large enterprise-scale machinery to produce steam, wind, solar, or fuel cell electricity using energy produced by wind turbines, solar panels or fuel cells. More examples of engineering based projects can be found within the engineering range of material sciences.

Within this strange whole of projects, it is easy to see the realm of engineering are mostly represented. Within this particular realm of engineering are two segments, which encompass everything that is done within the engineering spectrum, regardless of industry. The first segment is 'pharmaceutical' and it represents all activities that follow the science and engineering to create the building blocks of any drugs. Pharmaceutical projects do not concern themselves with the ins and outs of governmental regulatory affairs, sale processes, marketing, massive consignment and packaging. Pharmaceutical project managers may only be concerned with developing new drugs to treat diseases within the scope of their original research, using the most cutting edge of the technology that they have at their disposal.

Secondly, there is 'biotechnology' which consists of activities that follow the science and engineering to create preparations, detection, trans requisites, and protocols on biological systems to be used as tools within the science and engineering discipline. Biotechnology is concerned with techniques such as Precision Microscopes, cost analysis programs, and processor analysis. biotech projects can be large or small scale, depending on the companies needs at that time. These projects generally also require engineering skills that encompass all the areas of material and process research to ensure there is no wastage or unnecessary expenses spent on any processes. These projects can also become very large with a number of pharmaceutical and biotech research discoveries that could impact many industries. Biotechnology projects are also considered to receive the highest rate of positive attention in funding proposals, lower rate of funding rejection, and higher funding opportunities than pharmaceutical projects.

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