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You want to have fantasies fulfilled, memories of sexual explorations and you still haven’t decided to introduce sex toys in the bedroom, then you aren’t even ready yet. Studies have shown that 53% of the women in the world, and 45% of men in the world have at one point, used a sex toy.

The acceptance and public validation of sexual satisfaction are on the increase today, and a lot of people have resulted in several means of satisfying themselves sexually and fulfilling many of their fantasies. But as much as people try to achieve this through several means, the use of sex toys still remains one of the healthiest ways.

MyLily Sex Toys Shop

What are sex toys or adult toys as it is fondly called?

Sex toys are objects people use, to have more pleasure and enhance their sexual satisfaction or bring fantasies to reality during sex or masturbation. Some toys are also used for medical reasons, especially for people who have one medical situation or another.

A lot of people could choose to use adult toys for several reasons, as long as it is safe to use. Some want to reach orgasm, and sex toys could be the only way for them to achieve this, especially people with vulvas.

For other people suffering from gender dysphoria, adult toys could be their savior, helping them identify their gender identity and helping them make informed decisions.

Sex toys have become a fantasy door opener, for people with certain mobility disabilities. For some people who might not be able to move around to enjoy some sex position or styles, they would’ve loved to do, adult toys have in time past come to their rescue. Giving them not only a sense of belonging but also an opportunity to bring several fantasies to reality.


There are various types of sex toys, but I’ll mention a few.

  • Dildos: A dildo is a sex toy that is phallic in appearance and mostly used for sexual penetration.
  • Bunny Vibrators
  • Clitoris Stimulator
  • Wand Massagers
  • Vibrator for couples, and so many others.
Sex Toys Benefits

"Using sex toys to increase sexual pleasure and orgasm can help you sleep, boost immunity, relieve pain, reduce stress, and increase your brain power," interestingly, "And age is not a barrier.

A woman who patronizes My Lily brand sex shop for females, told us that she enjoyed her first orgasm in her 70s, using a sex toy. Unlike medications, they can help many women enjoy orgasms of the clitoris and intense G-spot satisfaction, something that may not have been achieved before.

Sex toys can also help people continue to enjoy intimacy and sexual pleasure when penetrative sex is not possible or discontinued.

Stress Relieve, is one of the returns you get, for using the right sex toy. During orgasms, endorphins are released in the brain, and they help relieve you of stress, imagine you rushing home after a stressful day to meet your vibrator patiently waiting for your instructions, or quietly sneaking to the bathroom at work, to satisfy your hormones. The feeling that comes with your orgasm is the same when you use a sex toy and when you are with a sex partner.

Cardio exercise and Burning calories: Yes, you burn calories while using your sex toys too. Although you might not burn as many calories as you would have when you’re with your partner, your sex toy is also a good calories burner. It gets the heart pumping, which also equates to a cardio exercise. I bet you’ll rather have this, than lifting weights in the gym.

Bedroom exploration: Imaginations can sometimes be wild and funny, but when you can’t bring it into reality, it doesn’t go beyond the thought. But for someone who wants to bring these wild imaginations and fantasies into reality, sex toys will help you rearrange the bedroom routine, introducing more fun features and creating an atmosphere for you to explore.

75% of women can’t orgasm with sexual intercourse alone, and they really need to reach this climax, they want to have a feeling of what climaxing look like, so how then would they achieve this, if sexual intercourse alone won’t give them? This is when the sex toys, comes in as a support system.

For women who want to reach climax using a sex toy, here are few things you should do:

  • 1. Select the right sex toy. Whether it’s a clitoris stimulator or a vibrator that you prefer, be sure that you select what’s best for you.
  • 2. Explore and enjoy: Don’t apply too much force or pressure while using your vibrator, let it be intense but calm, allow those memories or fantasies to play in your head gradually, and keep your imaginations alive. Make sure it’s a serene environment and not somewhere noisy. You could light some candles or feed your eyes with some erotica if need be.
  • 3. Use lubricants and take a break when you need to. Your body responds sexually to ease more than it’ll do to pressure. So, if you’re trying it and it’s not coming yet, take a break and try again. Applying too much pressure will not only get you tired, but it will also make you lose interest.
  • 4. Try new styles: whether you are making use of your sex toys alone, or you are using it together with your partner during sex, trying new positions and new styles could help you add more spice to the satisfaction you’ll derive. Don’t shy away from your satisfaction, have that conversation, and spice up the styles, change position, especially when you are using penetrative sex toys. Do what you love while you can, bring those imaginations to reality
So, if you have been fantasizing about using a sex toy, or you want to have a feeling of what it looks like to own one and enjoy it whenever and wherever you want, here is an opportunity for you to own a sex toy of your dream.

The My Lily store is indeed a great website dedicated to women for their intimate shopping. All products are of first quality and the ordering process and delivery are very simple and efficient. I am happy to read positive articles on this store as I am a frequent costumer.

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