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Restrictions on the Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border to not affect railways

26 Mar 2020

From Sputnik Kyrgyzstan

An economic advisor to the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Kubat Rakhimov describes how goods will be delivered to Kyrgyzstan under the coronavirus epidemic.

Trucks near the border
Trucks near the border

Rakhimov explanined during the radio daily program on Sputnik Kyrgyzstan, that goods would be delivered to the republic by rail.

According to him, the potential of railway transportation has been underused in Kyrgyzstan for a long time, but the force majeure circumstances, such as the coronavirus pandemic, can correct the situation.

"I note that goods from China through Kazakhstan go unhindered. Such transportation modes make it possible to inspect and disinfect (everything). As for the car transportation, the issue is now being discussed whether the selected carriers will be appointed or logistics companies will have to change drivers in neutral zones," - Rakhimov said.

In his opinion, this is a technical issue, and neighboring states do not plan to limit the capacity of their borders for goods and cargos.

"The number of individuals who drive freight vehicles is not comparable with the number of people who were just crossing the border before, it was tens of thousands. Therefore, it's easier to control a dozen drivers than to control tens of thousands" Rakhimov said.

Earlier, Saparkhan Omarov, Kazakhstan Minister of Agriculture said that additional restrictions on the import of agricultural products will not be introduced, but the checkups must be tightened.

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