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PRINCE2 Project Management Planning

08 Apr 2021

The project consists of work to be done and a time expectancy for doing it, usually decided in advance, and the amount it will cost. It can be a complicated problem to plan a project properly and supervise it from start to finish.

A project has more Than one Objective. It can take care of several needs at the same time or it can be a complex management of several conflicting sets of objectives. Therefore it requires a working efficient organization with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. As on a PRINCE2 glasgow training qualification.

Projects can be classified as general or special. A general project is activities which have to be accomplished in order to meet some general need or requirement. An example would be building a road or repairing an pipe- valves. Specific projects include those that are more complex and less, for example a building or other facility.

Personnel directly involved in the development of the project gather the requirements of the total project and then carry them out, usually under the head management of a Safety Committee.

Planning in Project Management
Planning in Project Management

A project plan must include the following information whereas for open a project must provide other information pertaining to it.

  • - Project Objective or Scope
  • - Project Benefits
  • - Selected Project Staff
  • - Timing/anism
  • - progressivesIng and other considerably less important details.
A project plan must include pertinent information for
  • - Strategic Planning
  • - Project Team/Team Leader Selection.
  • - Project Team Members
  • - Project Scope
  • - Critical Checks
  • - Financial Requirement
  • - Critical Points - Requirements to be met
  • - Scope change requests
  • - Project Risks
  • - Project Completion Lead Time
  • - Critical aggravation level
Planning on typical projects will protect the people in the project and the work must be performed to demonstrate savings, achievement of goal set, early completion of project objectives and a successful end to the project life.

Defining a general project includes making general categories including, Organization, Formation, One Person Person

There is a place for in-house planning, but it is typically accomplished for national or international accounts where the information is available in duplicate and where teams can be formed on occupation to objects with set tasks, schedules and workloads. Most general project management will be aimed at the irrelevant task because it takes less effort to do it yourself without first obtaining the necessary information to properly plan it.

A project team must be selected with a well drafted and defined R PMO (Research Accepted Writing acceptable span of authority).

For the best results in capital planning or the enhancement of real estate values a project team should recognize that members are not all equal. Recognizing this will help to rule out people that may not be suited to the role.

Project teams must have weekly, monthly project status meetings. Each member must be of the appropriate status. The project manager should be capable of tracking and reporting every available status to keep the team members informed.

Review metrics and all team members must have reasonable access to review these. Metrics must be in codes which must be in the team members hands at any time. Metrics should include cost, quantity, quality, charge time, travel, product delivery, on-time delivery, activity, key man or supplier, customer satisfaction, the after sales service and all other market related metrics.

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