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Portable Mobile Jammer: Application and Selection

05 May 2022

Portable Mobile Jammer: Application and Selection

A portable mobile jammer has many advantages. It is user-friendly, reliable, inexpensive, and does not attract attention. The World Health Organization has not recorded the negative impact of the cell phone jammer on human health. However, there are nuances of their application that you should consider.

HPJ20-H - All frequencies desktop jammer (20 bands)
HPJ20-H - All frequencies desktop jammer (20 bands)

Scope of Application

A mobile jammer can be used for the following purposes:

  • ·         Privacy – modern smartphones are often used by attackers to collect information.
  • ·         Security – a phone jammer can be installed at subway stations to prevent terrorist attacks.
  • ·         The secrecy of the investigation and the protection of witnesses – in the pre-trial detention center, the communication of the suspect with other people is blocked.
  • ·         Keeping silence – some cultural institutions and religious buildings jam the signal so as not to disturb the silence.
  • ·         Honesty – when passing exams, students and schoolchildren do not have the opportunity to cheat.
This is a small list of tasks that signal suppressors that are presented on https://www.jammer-store.com/ perform.

Criteria of Choice

To choose signal jammers that will satisfy your wishes, pay attention to important parameters.

Dimensions are especially important when it is necessary to hide the GPS jammer or another device from prying eyes or for use in a car or bag.

Radius of action
The distance at which the signal is jammed can be from five to several tens of meters, which is especially important for a WiFi jammer.

The frequency range must match the one used on the blocked devices.

Devices like network jammers are powered by batteries and mains and may have a cigarette lighter socket.

Number of antennas
Up to 5-6 antennas are installed in portable jammers and 8-12 — in stationary ones.

You can find many available options at the official Jammer Store.
A signal jammer including a WiFi blocker and GPS blocker is a good way to protect yourself from information leaks and privacy intrusions. Even sophisticated and expensive spy equipment will neutralize a compact budget device.    

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