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How To Identify If Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

21 Aug 2021

Do you need a roof replacement in Coral Springs, FL? Would you know if you did? In many situations, the signs can be rather glaring, but other times they won't be. A fortified roof above your head is extremely important if you've become used to having a nice, comfortable, and leak-free home. Here's how to see and address potential problems before they spiral out of control. With only a little research, you've more than likely crossed the "25-30 year rule" for replacing your roof. That figure is utilized as a benchmark. The majority of residential roofs need replacing during that timeframe. But, there are many variables to consider, and all roofs are unique.

Your roof takes a lot of external wear and tear throughout each passing year. Persistent sunlight, strong winds, tree damage, rodents, hurricanes, large amounts of rain, or destructive weather conditions – all of these have an impact on a roof's lifespan. How often your roof needs to be replaced depends on several factors:

  • - What kind of weather is experienced.
  • - Correct maintenance and care.
  • - How old the materials are.
  • - Quality of the materials.
  • - How well it was installed, to begin with.
  • - Upkeep with minor repairs.
  • - Keeping pests and rodents away.
  • - External debris build-up.

Roof Repairs in Coral Springs, FL
Roof Repairs in Coral Springs, FL

Consider Your Roof's Age

Typically an asphalt shingle roof lasts about 12 to 15 years. Metal or tile roofs tend to have a far longer lifespan. If your roof is nearing its average replacement age, you should probably start thinking about your next roof. If other roof repairs were placed over the top of your pre-existing roof - a technique called overlaying - you should assuredly think about getting a new roof. Overlaying is a quick fix that can hide more significant roofing issues underneath the shingle surface.

Conduct An Interior Roof Check

Before making assumptions about needing a new roof, begin conducting your research at home by inspecting the condition of your roof from the inside out. Take a flashlight with you to your attic or to the space in your house where the interior of your roof is visible and look for the following indicators to a more serious issue:

Beams of Light: Light beams are indicators of roofs that need replacements or repairs. To scope out the situation, evaluate your attic to find and identify any light beams during the day.

Leaks: Check the attic for drips and potential leaks. If your roof is beginning to leak, other areas of your house and its foundation are at elevated risk, particularly if you decide not to address the roofing problem as quickly as possible. In addition, very damp areas can lead to additional decay and mold growth that can contribute to breathing and other health ailments.

Streakin & Staining: Take note of all of the interior of your roof and look for potential spots, stains, and streaks. Inspect any oddly colored area of your roof for further information on its cause and potential leak culprit. Stains and streaks located in the interior of your attic are red flags to a larger and more serious problem involving your roof's remaining lifespan.

Curling Or Missing Shingles Are Visible

The tried and true cliche, out of sight out of mind, makes sense when it comes to the roof. Most of the time, not checking the roof unless there is a stain or dark spot viewable from the street or yard.

Old or worn asphalt shingles are quite simple to pinpoint if you search for them. Missing shingles may be replaced individually, but it's typically a sign of the larger problem. Likewise, large areas of cracked or loose shingles (or those that are visibly crumbling) point to your roof needing a replacement.

Asphalt shingles have two ways to curl – cupping when the edges turn towards the sky, or the second way shingles curl is called clawing, when edges stay flat, and the middle starts popping up. Both could indicate that:

  • * Moisture has built up beneath the asphalt due to poor ventilation in the attic.
  • * Shingles were inadequately installed.
  • * Blistering and direct sunlight wears asphalt down in short order.
Bald spots on your shingles indicate that the granules have started to fall off, exposing the asphalt below. Tip: check your gutter for shingles granules. If rain carries them into your gutters, you likely need a re-roof.

Excessive Growths On Your Roof

Dark spots (or generally grimy-looking shingles) are caused by moss and algae growth. Again, these might not be directly tied to how often you have to replace your roof (or get it repaired), but these issues can spread out and cause damage.

Is there moss or other types of nature growing on top or out of your roof? Don't panic. The natural world tends to grow over any man-made building in its path if it is not properly tended to and maintained.

When looking over your roof and the fungus you have spotted, be sure to do so by inspecting both the interior and exterior of your roof. While the majority of plant growths are likely to be visible from the exterior of your roof, if there is a larger problem at hand, nature may also be thriving on its own inside the attic with you having zero clue.

Quite often, eliminating natural growths from a roof is a way to quickly remedy the problem without considering a re-roof. But, if there is excessive growth on your roof or even inside your home, it is highly advisable to find a roofing company to determine the root cause and reason for the growth.

In the event the roof is just totally overgrown, then the sole course of action would be to get a roof replacement. This usually happens to roofs that are unattended for long stretches of time.

The good news is that algae growth and accumulation are not typically signs that you need to repair or replace your roof. Rather, algae is moreso an eyesore to your roof and one that is quite common in hot places like Southern Florida.

If you do require a new roof installation, in the end, there then becomes a number of decisions to be made. Beginning with the roofing material to use, will you stick with asphalt or consider tile? Which roofing contractor to work with? If by chance, there's a valid insurance damage claim. For many people having access to the money to get a new roof may not be possible. There are financing options available for qualified homeowners offered by reputable roofing companies. Make sure to do proper research before deciding on which contractor to work with.

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