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How to choose best internet, DSL Vs Fiber


You probably have a few network types when shopping for Internet options for your home or other purpose. Fiber, cable, DSL, satellite is the most common. Know the variations between DSL and fiber before making the final decision. The way they transfer data, each network type differs and each provides its own unique advantages.


The quickest, purest and most efficient link that has been available recently is fiber. It is an Internet connection transferring data in whole or in part via fiber optic cables.

Speed And Reliability

Optic fiber systems can provide up to 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) of speed. By Using a TM Speed Test tool we can verify internet speed. After learning a lot about Mbps It will be easy to see fiber optic is much more quick than DSL. Fiber uses ultra-thin glass beams which carry electricity rather than light. Fiber-optical Internet does not depend on electricity, so power failures and the presence of strong electrical equipment do not interfere with your communication. Fiber optics speed is suitable for almost anything you do online, including:

  • * Music and videos download
  • * TV and film streaming
  • * Multiplayer online real-time action
  • * Connecting various devices like laptops, mobile devices , smart TVs at the same time.
  • * You can have fiber in your home, without thinking about the gaps or lags, to do things such as high-definition video streaming and internet gaming.

DSL (Direct Subscriber Line)

DSL is a telephone-based internet connection. DSL removes the Internet from your computer so users can be online simultaneously and use the computer in one go. Mostly telephone lines are made of copper. While copper is an excellent conductor but data cannot be transported as quickly as in fiber optic systems.

Speed And Reliability

DSL speeds typically top out around 6 Mbps and this speed can be measure with an efficient tool which is Maxis speed Test. While higher DSL speed can accomplish some of these tasks, DSL connections are best suited for simple online activities, such as:

  • * Web search
  • * Emails to be submitted and received
  • * Pictures to be submitted and received
  • * E-books free

It is conducted that Fiber connection provide us gigabit speed which is 100xs efficient than DSL. Fiber optics wins over DSL on speed and reliability. As internet contains an endless information and knowledge supply that enables a person to learn nearly every topic or matter they have. Internet brings new things and ideas to young people and increases their appreciation of existing interests.

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