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High-quality poster. How to create a seller?

27 Oct 2021

Before you get to work and start poster printing Coquitlam, an important point is to understand the points that make a poster of high quality. You should also think through, write and indicate what visual materials (photos, graphics, etc.) you need. Starting to work on creating a poster, first decide specifically which message is the most significant, for what reason it is such, what innovative moments there are and how this message can be confirmed.

Poster Printing via QuarterCheaperSigns
Poster Printing via QuarterCheaperSigns

The high-quality version of the poster contains little information that summarizes what readers should take with them.

It is beautifully decorated and invites you to read.

One of the main points is the condition that the text should be well read.

It stimulates or raises questions and provokes discussions.

A well-made poster follows the principle:

  • The caller.
  • Readable.
  • The questioner.
  • Causing external interest.
One second should be enough for a potential buyer to attract the viewer's attention, fifteen seconds to understand the most important message.

Anyone should see the text of the poster from a distance of 5 meters and at the same time contain a summary of the poster or the so-called "home message". Therefore, it should contain flashy theses to attract the attention of a potential buyer. Finding a good name is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Stick to the scheme outlined below:
  • Create five phrases that will tell the main thoughts of your poster,
  • Combine these 5 thoughts into one (summarize),
  • Select keywords and phrases,
  • get the title using various combinations of keywords.
Avoiding "hanging" headlines:
  • Without capital letters (for English names):
  • The overall visual impression should be attractive. The practical rule of filling 50% of the used area with images and 50% with text does not make sense for each poster, but should serve as a guide for preparation.
  • Phrases should be exactly as attractive as a good choice of colors when poster printing Vancouver. It can be quite provocative.
  • The poster should shout: "Read me"!
  • The product itself should contain exactly as much text as necessary, that is, only "need to know", but not "useful to know". Capturing scrollable text usually takes longer than enumeration, so the former should be used sparingly.
  • For highlighting, use italics or bold instead of underscores. If alignment is selected (instead of left alignment), hyphenation should be activated to avoid spaces between words.
  • Images - should be clear and provided with a title and source information. The exception (with regard to headings) are light images that are depicted as a background.
A high-quality text located on the poster can be achieved when we break long phrases into small pieces. The blocks should also be arranged in a clear order so as not to interrupt the reading.

When choosing texts, sometimes you need to have the courage to leave spaces where you need to skip something. The size of the poster you choose can be modified depending on the context (target group, room, size).

If you have a choice between horizontal and vertical format, you should choose the landscape format that better matches people's viewing habits. However, you rarely see (printed) posters in landscape format because they take up more space.

The ideal case is when the poster stimulates reflection and discussion. This effect can be achieved with the help of surprises or unusual comparisons, but true thoughts must be present.

Sometimes handouts can also be provided so that poster viewers can take the information with them and, if necessary, contact the authors later.

To order and poster printing Vancouver, just email or call us.

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