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Help! How do I pawn my car in Brisbane, Logan or the Gold Coast?


If you have been asking your friends how to ‘pawn my car in Brisbane, Logan or the Gold Coast’, then you must need some fast cash in a hurry! It’s likely that you have already considered the banks and decided that this isn’t an avenue that’s suitable for a quick loan. That’s the first place most people think about when they want to borrow money, but the banks don’t lend their money to everybody!

The problem with borrowing money from banks is that they don’t give you short term loans, instead their loan periods span years. Then there’s the problem of credit ratings, because they’ll definitely check your credit rating and if it’s too low, you won’t get a loan. Add to this the fact that they want to know all about your expenses, your employment history, salary, business history and references and the entire process gets bogged down in paperwork, much of which you might not be able to supply. These requirements usually cause problems for tradies, self-employed people, those with poor credit ratings, and anyone who is unemployed or needs some fast cash to tide them over until their tax return comes through or they get paid.

So what can you do? The answer is to look at specialist pawn brokers who give you a short term loan against your car!

pawn a car in Brisbane
pawn a car in Brisbane

How easy is it to pawn your ride on the Gold Coast?

When you ask yourself “how can I pawn my car on the Gold Coast”, you will find that it’s very easy! In fact, it’s so easy you’ll wonder why you ever considered doing anything else. That’s because most people know that you can pawn just about anything but have never considered that you can actually pawn a car. However, the process is just the same as pawning anything else, you just need to find specialist pawn brokers who provide short term loans against your vehicles. Once you find one in Brisbane, Logan, the Gold Coast or surrounding areas, then you need to contact them and take it from there!

The whole process is easy and stress-free and takes no time at all. It’s like a breath of fresh air when you compare pawning your car to trying to get a much longer term loan at a bank or other financial provider.

What paperwork is needed to pawn my car in Brisbane, Logan or the Gold Coast?

If you go to a pawnbroker who specialises in offering short term loans against vehicles, then you don’t need to provide any paperwork or fill in any paperwork. You don’t need to provide any evidence of your business history or your employment history, you don’t need to provide references and you don’t need to worry about a bad credit rating. You also don’t need to fill in mountains of paperwork to get your short term loan, which is a blessing for most people. So for people who ask themselves - do I need any paperwork to pawn my car brisbane, Logan or the Gold Coast - the answer is no!

Who can apply for a fast cash loan from a pawnbroker against their car?

A fast cash loan from a pawnbroker taken out against a car is ideal for anyone who wants a short term loan to tide them over for a few months. For example, tradies, business owners or self-employed people who need to pay their employees or buy materials but are waiting on their own clients to pay their invoices, find that these loans are the perfect solution. Other people who are waiting on their tax return to come through, an inheritance or even their superannuation to be paid can all benefit from a stress-free loan from a specialist pawnbroker.

What you need to do to borrow money against your car

The process to pawn your car is much simpler than you most probably think, because all you need is your registration papers and your ID. First of all, you need to locate a specialist pawnbroker in Brisbane, Logan, the Gold Coast or surrounding area. So a quick online search using the keywords ‘pawn my car Brisbane’ (replacing Brisbane with the Gold Coast, Logan or other area) will bring up the results you need. It will pay you to read through their websites and compare their processes, requirements and loan terms, so you can select the one that suits your needs best.

Once you have found a specialist pawnbroker that you like and isn’t located too far away, then the process is generally very easy and quick.

1. Make an appointment
Call the pawnbroker during their opening hours and make an appointment to have your car assessed. An appointment is usually required to ensure that there is someone available when you arrive at their premises.

2. Have your vehicle assessed
These specialist pawnbrokers will lend you up to a specific percentage of your car’s value, for example 65%, so they need to inspect your car to make this assessment. You will need to take your registration papers and your ID with you, but that’s all you need (for ID your driver’s licence is suitable).

3. Arrange the loan and receive your money
Once your car has been assessed and you have agreed to the amount, you will receive your money within a few minutes. There’s no long waiting period, because it all happens very quickly, while you are at their premises.

Paying back your loan at the end of the loan period

Once you have paid back your loan, plus the interest charged on your loan (this is usually very competitive and won’t drown you in debt!), you pick up your car and drive away. Your car will have been stored in a secure area for the term of your loan, so there’s no worries about the safety of your car. So if anyone asks you - how can I pawn my car in Brisbane, Logan or the Gold Coast - just tell them to look for a specialist pawnbroker in their area and the deal will be done!

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