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Gohenry for Children

24 Jun 2021


In recent years, because of an evolution in the field of technology and a discovery of the electronic world, many companies have stopped forward to provide users with new types of services. In this regard, there were many spheres that went under the changes, especially the sphere of finance and banking. However, among all current options and opportunities for users, the platforms are successful in providing new ideas and covering the special group of people. In this article, we will write about one of these new ideas, Gohenry and its special features for families.

Gohenry Services for Kids
Gohenry Services for Kids

Gohenry Services for Kids
As mentioned above, Gohenry is an online platform that specifically provides families with financial services. With this platform every parent will be able to teach their children how to manage their financial activities for their life. Gohenry is providing a pre-paid card and app that is designed for children in age of 6 to 18. With Gohenry mobile app, parents will be able to top up their child’s card and put different type of limitation for them, create different type of tasks for kids for earning extra money, they will be able to choose where their child can use their cards, receive a real time notification about their child's activities, have a possibility to block and unblock their cards and ability to learn child about different currencies. Should be noted that with Gohenry app everything is under the control and users can know about any financial changes instantly. It is worthy to mention that unlike other Visa cards, the Gohenry card is a prepaid top up card, so in this case there are no concerns about risk of debts or overdrafts.

How it Works
Beside all mentioned services and features that Gohenry is providing for its users around the world, one of the important points is how this can work for any families and users. Shortly to say, there is an account for parents and there are linked accounts for children of the family. So in this case, simply parents can control everything by the mobile app totally in online format and kids will be able to have their own debit cards. Should be noted that children can spend the money that is in the card and nothing extra; so there is no risk of overdraft. Briefly, in some minutes users are able to open their account in Gohenry totally without any fees and receive their children's cards in seven working days. Parents will be able to set the automatic weekly pocket money for their children or create special tasks for them to gain extra money. Then users can set the different types of limitation for their children's cards as well as block or unblock their cards.

Definitely, in current time, Gohenry with its services and features can be counted as a best option for any family not just in case of financial management, but also for improvements of the children in the sphere of finance.

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