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Getting Your Facts Right About Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Maine

21 Sep 2020

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Although car inspections have been around for a long time, it hasn’t been a common practice until recently. Even now, there are still some states that haven’t made it mandatory for car dealers to inspect their wares before putting them on for sale. If you are about to buy a car though and are thinking about carrying out a pre-purchase car inspection Maine , then here are answers to some questions you might have.

• What Is It Purpose?

While a pre-purchase car inspection Maine can serve several purposes, its main purpose is to ascertain that a car is in prime working condition and is safe to drive and be driven in.

• Is It Legally Required?

Federally, it isn’t. However, you might have to check with your state authorities. Some of them make it compulsory for all or certain classes of vehicles within the state boundaries to be inspected periodically

• What Other Reasons Could Warrant an Inspection?

Asides safety and confirmation that a car is in good working condition, here are some of the other reasons that one might carry out a pre-purchase car inspection.

 For finance purposes: if you intend to opt for a loan from a financial institution to buy the car, then they might request an inspection report. This assures the financial institution that the car is viable and thus worth the loan.

 For insurance purposes: it is not uncommon for an insurance agency to ask for an inspection report or carry one out themselves before they issue out a policy on a used car.

• Who Can Perform an Inspection?

Since there is hardly any formal body that governs car inspection activities, then anyone can inspect cars in most states. To be safe though, its best to only enlist the services of certified mechanics or an independent inspector with creditable experience.

• Would I Need to Present Paperwork for the Inspection?

Yes. Although in the case of a pre-purchase car inspection Maine, the seller should provide you the paperwork necessary to fully carry out the inspection. These would include vehicle registration and title and the current proof of insurance amongst other things.

• Is A Road Test Part of the Inspection?

Yes, it definitely is. In fact, an inspection is incomplete without one. The fact that a number of the car’s system can only be inspected while it is in use only makes a road test very important.

Some inspectors will even prefer to do a road test as soon as they are done with a cursory look and then continue their inspection based on how the car has fared on the road.

• How Long Does An Inspection Take?

Given that there are no problems with the car, an inspection would usually take around 2 hours. If there are issues, however, it might take longer.

Having read the following answers, you must understand what a car inspection is all about. For you not to fall prey to sellers that are looking to offload an under-performing vehicle on unsuspecting buyers.

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