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Facebook brings dark mode on ios and android

03 Nov 2020

Do you like using your social media apps in dark mode? If the answer is yes then there is more good news for you as Facebook is also working to bring a dark mode to the mobile app.

First spotted by a Twitter user, the company has introduced the dark mode of Facebook on iOS devices of only limited users.

Users who are fortunate enough to test the dark mode on their devices are sharing their experiences that how the Facebook app looks like on social media. Chances are that you will be able to adjust your Facebook in a dark mode very soon. To download the app, you need a high speed internet. Check your speed here: https://www.allspeedtest.com/

It is really surprising to see that Facebook took so long to introduce the dark mode, especially after seeing Instagram, WhatsApp, and messenger have dark modes for quite a long time and they are working really well. Twitter too brought the dark mode on android and ios months ago and even google is also giving this opportunity to its users to set the background on dark mode.

It’s always the right step to shift on the dark mode because it not only provides its users the opportunity to set the background of your app dark but also helps you to see the content of your app in low light with ease and we can’t deny the fact that dark mode also saves battery life. For more results: https://www.allspeedtest.com/ptcl-speed-test

As we all are eagerly waiting to shift our Facebook on dark mode, as per a report by The Verge, Mark Zuckerberg has started testing the dark mode but there is no official confirmation yet by any of the company’s spokespersons.

How to enable Facebook’s dark mode on iPhone:

Facebook for IOS
Facebook for IOS

Facebook has not formally announced the existence of the dark mode but it is rolling out and maybe you are not aware that you can have access to the dark mode of Facebook. Here are the steps that how can you enable the dark mode of Facebook on your iPhone or iPad.

Open the Facebook app on your ios device
Tap the Menu tab on the bottom bar
Then tap on Privacy and Settings
A toggle for the dark mode will be here, tap it to turn on the new theme If you don’t see a dark mode option here don’t be sad you are not alone because the company says ‘only a small percentage’ of users have this feature right now.

Keep your Facebook app updated and keep checking your privacy and settings to see the dark mode option.

Instructions for Android 10:

If you have an android device you have more ways to enable dark mode than iPhone users that’s because of the customized nature of the android. Check out the following ways to enable dark mode.

Make sure that your Facebook is updated
Firstly check out the option privacy and settings and if you can’t see the dark mode option here
Open your phone settings and check out the developer options
You will see an option of force dark mode, enable it
Go back and check out your Facebook and it will be in dark mode.

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