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Custom Car Appraisal: Things You Should Know

22 Sep 2020

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You love beautiful cars, no doubt. Prior to buying your new car, it is only wise that you’ve invested a lot in research work. And for those who own a car, you must have spent quite a lot of fortune on fine-tuning the car to your taste. Regardless of the amount spent on the makeover, a car still needs regular maintenance service, otherwise it will eventually end up in a worse condition. Regular care and maintenance help maintain the beauty of a car. This also applies to classic car owners. Some car collectors fail to do the right thing in order to protect their car. One of the major things is custom car appraisal .

Conducting a custom car appraisal has its own unique benefits. A properly conducted appraisal lets car owners know the actual worth of the car on the market today. Knowing how valuable your classic car is, it will give you an edge for loan purpose. Other benefits of car appraisal include for tax purposes, estate settlement and to know the resale value, if you eventually decide to sell.

Consider the following when conduction custom car appraisal

Insurance company

Some insurance companies might have already blacklisted a list of car appraisal companies for their appalling service. So before you go hunting for experts who specialize in custom car appraisal service, make sure your choice of company did not make the blacklist of the insurance company. By doing so, you can save yourself from wasting time and money.

Apart from choosing an appraiser that is not blacklisted by the insurance company, you may also want to look about the quality of services offered. How long have they been in the business and what’s their satisfactory level with their past customers. Your appraiser should be a certified professional. Once your appraisal company meets this requirement and others, then rest assured that you will get top notch custom car appraisal report that will be affected by all institutions.

The Appraisal Should Inspect the Car Himself

Some appraisal companies are now in the habit of sending "foot soldiers" armed with a camera, pen, and paper, to go and perform an on-site inspection of a car they have been contracted to appraise. These foot soldiers now send the photos to an office somewhere distant where the real appraisers arrive at a valued estimate just by looking at the pictures.

This system of appraisal is frowned upon by many insurance companies, and the end report might not be credible enough to be used in any legal capacity. You must thus ensure that whoever is coming to inspect your car is the same person that is going to come up with the estimated value.

Be sure to only choose a professional who specialize in custom car appraisal to get the best result. This way, you will know how much your car is worth and what kind of insurance policy you might need to get if you ever need to get one.

22 Sep 2020
Mike, US
Oh, I just love this car! Excellent!
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