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Build Your Own Casino

07 Mar 2023

Casino Inc. (www.casino.forum) is a new generation game with exclusive features allowing players to become an owner of a casino and start the gambling business from scratch. As the manager of the business, you set the rules, that is, you decide who will be the clients of your casino, how the gameplay is organized and what wins are allocated among the players.

Casino Inc.
Casino Inc.

The game is very flexible in its configuration and settings. As a player, you can decide what audience your casino is aiming at: the poor, middle class, students, seniors or the rich. You can add games such as roulette, blackjack, or poker, and additional services such as drinks, restaurant or even a nearby hotel.

When the setup phase is over, you need to concentrate on the actual casino activity. As the manager, you deal with the staff, white-listed or black-listed players, cheating at the tables etc.

The overall game is supplied with impressive graphics and sound to make the whole process as attractive as possible. Casino Inc. is a remarkable phenomenon in the industry of economic simulators and strategies.

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