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Be First In Line - Because People Don’t Shop For Real Estate Agents


Even if you don’t consider yourself a picky person, you probably shop around for things that matter - the perfect outfit for a formal occasion, the best price on home siding, or a great gift for your spouse. You don’t just walk into the store and buy whatever is there, even if you don’t like it or the price seems wrong.
Why, then, do so many people choose to do business with the first real estate agent they meet? After all, buying and selling a home is a huge financial and personal decision, and choosing the wrong agent could be costly.
It’s hard to say what drives these one and done decisions, but what we can say about this pattern - and it’s a strong one, with 75% of buyers interviewing just one agent - is that it creates a tough market.
In many cases, your marketing efforts don’t matter because many people are referred by a friend or family member. That just means your marketing efforts have to be that much stronger if you want to be competitive. You need to top the search rankings.
If you’re a real estate agent or firm looking to boost your marketing efforts and drive more clients to your business, there are several beneficial steps you can take. At the heart of it all, though, is SEO optimization which, for real estate agents, includes the following three features.
Be Real
In the most technical sense, SEO is contingent on high-quality, relevant content, free of repetition. That’s all true, but when we recall how important relationships are in this industry, it becomes clear that the technical shouldn’t get in the way of the personal. As a real estate agent, then, your website should use some of its copy to be authentic and cultivate potential relationships. Particularly if you can blend that type of communication with relevant information about your background and the industry, you’ll be on your way to local, personal branding that gets clients hooked.
Build High Value Links
When it comes to SEO, your website can’t do it all on its own. Rather, while your site can fuel organic backlinks and should be optimized based on Google’s guidelines, you also need to build high-quality backlinks. You can try to do this yourself, but that essentially requires developing a second career as a freelance writer.
A better approach is to find a knowledge real estate SEO expert who can help you develop content and contacts and place links. This is critical because you don’t have the time or expertise to do this work, and your energy is better spent building your reputation as a real estate agent on the ground.
Don’t Overlook Location
Real estate is a highly local industry, and yet professionals in the field are also prone to overlooking location-related optimization efforts. That includes making sure you claim and standardize your address across platforms, like Google My Business and social media sites, and creating onsite content like blogs that targets specific local keywords, rather than just the larger area. This bolsters your site’s background content for organic SEO, while providing high-value content for potential clients - it’s a win-win.
It may not be wise for people to choose the first real estate agent they meet with when selling their home, but if that’s the way people behave under the circumstances, don’t you want the agent they choose to be you?
That’s the best possible outcome, but it means you have to be first in line - get there by upgrading your SEO today.

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