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Make money online on BizTrend

Biztrend is a platform where you can earn money online using your intellect, skills and business experience. If you are a business-oriented person aware of the latest trends in global or regional business, it is right FOR YOU!

Who can join

Any person, any country of the world.

How does it work

Biztrends presents a number of business projections based on the global indices, exchange rates, stock markets and commodity prices. Our system retrieves global data from reputed business sources, and presents a summary on our website. Moreover, our system is able to make a projection whether a certain index will have an upward (GROW, BLUE) or downward (DECLINE, RED) trend.

Users are invited to make an investment in support or against the projection. Such investment, after the projection comes to reality, will turn into income, that is, when the projected trend actually takes place, the Biztrend platform will pay the premium to the investors who predicted the right trend.

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