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Last updated: 15 Apr 2024

Togo Business Directory & List of Companies

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Capital City and 5 Largest Cities in Togo

  1. Lomé
  2. Sokodé
  3. Kara
  4. Palimé
  5. Atakpamé
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Togo Economy in Figures

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Approximately .5 billion USD (2020)
  • GDP per Capita: Approximately USD (2020)
  • Main Economic Activities: Agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and services
  • Currency: West African CFA franc (XOF)

Economic Overview

Togo's economy is diverse, with agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and services playing significant roles. The country faces economic challenges, including poverty and the need for infrastructure development.


Agriculture is a vital sector, employing a majority of the population. Key crops include cassava, maize, and cotton. Togo is known for its coffee and cocoa production.

Industry and Mining

The industrial sector includes manufacturing, mining, and construction. Togo has mineral resources like phosphate, which is a major export.


The services sector contributes to the economy through sectors like finance, telecommunications, and trade. Togo's strategic location on the Gulf of Guinea has implications for trade and transport.


Togo faces various economic challenges, including poverty, unemployment, and the need for improved infrastructure and education.


Phosphate mining is a key industry in Togo, and the country is one of the largest phosphate producers in Africa.


Togo engages in trade with neighboring countries and international partners, exporting goods such as phosphates, agricultural products, and manufactured goods.

Ten Top Countries in Togo

Ten Top Banks in Togo

  1. Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
  2. Ecobank Togo
  3. Banque Atlantique Togo (BAT)
  4. Société Générale Togo
  5. Banque Togolaise pour le Commerce et l'Industrie (BTCI)
  6. Union Togolaise de Banque (UTB)
  7. Banque Gabonaise et Française Internationale (BGFI Bank)
  8. Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement (BOAD)
  9. Orabank Togo
  10. Banque Togolaise de Commerce et d'Industrie (BTCI)

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