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Last updated: 29 Sep 2023

St. Helena Business Directory & List of Companies

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Capital City and 5 Largest Cities in St. Helena

  • Capital City: Jamestown
  • 1. Jamestown: Jamestown is the capital and largest settlement on the island of St. Helena. It serves as the administrative and economic center of the territory.
  • 2. Longwood: Longwood is known for being the final residence of Napoleon Bonaparte during his exile on St. Helena.
  • 3. Half Tree Hollow: Half Tree Hollow is one of the more populated areas on the island, situated on the slopes of Ladder Hill.
  • 4. Levelwood: Levelwood is a district known for its agriculture and is located inland on the island.
  • 5. Sandy Bay: Sandy Bay is a small settlement on the northwestern coast of St. Helena.
St. Helena on Map
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St. Helena Economy in Figures

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Data not readily available due to limited economic activity
  • Main Economic Activities: Fishing, agriculture, tourism, and public administration
  • Currency: Saint Helena Pound (SHP)

Economic Overview

St. Helena is a small and remote island with a limited economy. It relies on several key sectors for economic activity:

  • Fishing: The island's waters support fishing activities, with exports of fish and seafood products.
  • Agriculture: Subsistence farming and the production of coffee and other agricultural products play a role in the local economy.
  • Tourism: St. Helena has been working to develop its tourism industry, attracting visitors interested in its unique geography and history.
  • Public Administration: The government is a major employer on the island.


St. Helena faces economic challenges due to its remote location, which affects trade and accessibility. The island relies on financial aid from the UK government to maintain essential services and infrastructure.


Tourism has been identified as a potential growth area for St. Helena. The island's unique biodiversity and historical significance are points of attraction for tourists.


St. Helena imports a variety of goods, and trade is primarily conducted with the UK and South Africa.

Ten Top Companies in St. Helena

  • Fishing Industry

    The fishing industry is vital for St. Helena, with several local businesses engaged in fishing and seafood processing.

  • Agriculture

    Local agriculture includes small-scale farming, with some businesses involved in coffee and produce cultivation.

  • Tourism Sector

    The tourism sector is growing, with businesses offering accommodations, guided tours, and related services to visitors.

  • Retail and Services

    Local retail businesses and service providers cater to the needs of the island's residents and tourists.

  • Public Administration

    Government departments and public administration play a significant role in the island's economy.

  • Transport and Logistics

    Businesses involved in transportation and logistics support the movement of goods and people to and from the island.

  • Construction and Infrastructure

    Construction companies work on various infrastructure projects, including road maintenance and building projects.

  • Education and Healthcare

    Local schools, healthcare facilities, and related services contribute to the well-being of the community.

  • Artisan and Craft Businesses

    Some businesses on St. Helena are involved in artisanal crafts and unique products for sale to visitors.

  • Financial and Banking Services

    Financial services are available through local and international banks operating on the island.

Ten Top Banks in St. Helena

  • Bank of St. Helena

    The Bank of St. Helena is the only locally based bank on the island, providing banking services to residents and businesses.

  • Standard Bank

    Standard Bank operates on the island, offering a range of financial services and products.

  • Barclays Bank

    Barclays Bank has a presence on St. Helena, providing banking services to customers on the island.

  • Other International Banks

    Some international banks may provide limited services to residents and businesses on St. Helena.

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