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Last updated: 03 Jun 2024

Palestine Business Directory & List of Companies

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Palestine: A Brief Overview

Palestine, a region in the Middle East, holds a unique and complex geopolitical status. Its total area and population are influenced by various factors, and it is a land with a rich history and cultural heritage.

Palestine on Map
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Provinces in Palestine

Palestine does not have traditional provinces like many countries, but it is divided into various administrative districts and territories. Some of these areas include Gaza Strip, West Bank, East Jerusalem, and others. The population is distributed across these regions, each with its unique characteristics.

Top Five Cities in Palestine

Palestine is home to several vibrant cities, with diverse cultures and populations. Here are the top five cities in Palestine based on population:

  1. Gaza City: The largest city in Palestine, Gaza City is a bustling urban center with a significant population.
  2. Jerusalem: The historic city of Jerusalem is not only a center of religious significance but also has a sizable population.
  3. Nablus: Nablus is an important city in the West Bank, known for its cultural and economic activities.
  4. Hebron: Hebron is one of the largest cities in the West Bank and plays a crucial role in the region's economy.
  5. Ramallah: Ramallah is the administrative capital of the Palestinian Authority and a thriving urban center.

Economy of Palestine

The Palestinian economy faces unique challenges due to the political situation and geographical constraints. Key economic figures for Palestine include a GDP of around 15 billion USD. The GDP growth rate varies, but it is influenced by political events and international aid. The GDP per capita is approximately 3,000 USD. Palestine engages in exports and imports, with trade partners in the region and beyond.

The unemployment rate is a significant concern, often fluctuating due to various factors. The ease of doing business in Palestine can be affected by political instability and access to resources.

The key sectors of the Palestinian economy include agriculture, services, and industry. Agriculture, in particular, plays a crucial role in the livelihoods of many Palestinians, while services and industry contribute to economic growth and employment opportunities.

Top Companies in Palestine

  1. Bank of Palestine: A leading financial institution in Palestine, Bank of Palestine offers a wide range of banking and financial services, supporting economic growth in the region.
  2. Palestine Telecommunication Company (Paltel Group): Paltel Group is a telecommunications giant in Palestine, providing essential services in the telecommunications sector, including mobile, internet, and landline services.
  3. PADICO Holding: PADICO Holding is a diversified investment company involved in various sectors, such as industry, real estate, tourism, and telecommunications.
  4. Wataniya Mobile: Wataniya Mobile is a major mobile telecommunications company, contributing to the mobile communications industry in Palestine.
  5. Palestine Electric Company (PEC): PEC is responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power in Palestine, playing a vital role in the region's energy sector.
  6. Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC): APIC is an investment and development company engaged in various sectors, including industry, agriculture, and services.
  7. National Aluminum and Profile Company (NAPCO): NAPCO is a significant player in the manufacturing industry, specializing in aluminum and related products.
  8. Massar International: Massar International is involved in various businesses, including tourism, hospitality, and real estate, contributing to economic development.
  9. Siniora Food Industries: Siniora Food Industries is a well-known food production company in Palestine, offering a wide range of food products.
  10. Palestine Industrial Investment Company (PIIC): PIIC focuses on industrial and commercial activities, promoting economic growth in the region.

Top Banks in Palestine

  1. Bank of Palestine: With a strong presence in Palestine, Bank of Palestine is a leading financial institution offering comprehensive banking and financial services.
  2. Arab Bank: Arab Bank is a prominent banking institution in the region, serving individuals and businesses with a wide array of financial products.
  3. Cairo Amman Bank: Cairo Amman Bank operates in Palestine, providing banking and financial services to the local population.
  4. Palestine Islamic Bank: Palestine Islamic Bank is a key player in the Islamic banking sector, offering Sharia-compliant financial solutions.
  5. Jordan Ahli Bank: Jordan Ahli Bank has a presence in Palestine and offers various banking services to its customers in the region.
  6. Bank of Jordan: Bank of Jordan serves the Palestinian market with a range of financial services.
  7. Palestine Commercial Bank: Palestine Commercial Bank is a local bank in Palestine, contributing to the banking sector in the region.
  8. Qatar National Bank (QNB): QNB has a branch in Palestine and provides international banking services.
  9. Palestine Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance: This bank specializes in Islamic banking and finance, catering to the Sharia-compliant banking needs of the local population.
  10. Palestine Investment Bank: Palestine Investment Bank offers banking and financial services to its customers in Palestine.

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