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Last updated: 12 Jun 2024

Hong Kong Business Directory & List of Companies

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1. Brief Overview of Hong Kong

Hong Kong, officially known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, is a vibrant and densely populated urban region in East Asia. It covers a total area of approximately 1,106 square kilometers and is home to a population of over 7.5 million people.

Hong Kong on Map
Hong Kong on Map - see more from Google map

2. Provinces in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not divided into provinces, but it is divided into districts. Some of the districts in Hong Kong, along with their populations, include:

  • Central and Western District - Population: Approximately 244,600
  • Eastern District - Population: Approximately 574,500
  • Southern District - Population: Approximately 278,400
  • Wan Chai District - Population: Approximately 180,000
  • Kowloon City District - Population: Approximately 405,400
  • Kwun Tong District - Population: Approximately 641,100
  • Sham Shui Po District - Population: Approximately 405,100
  • Yau Tsim Mong District - Population: Approximately 342,970
  • Islands District - Population: Approximately 146,900
  • North District - Population: Approximately 318,100
  • Tai Po District - Population: Approximately 307,100
  • Sai Kung District - Population: Approximately 461,300
  • Sha Tin District - Population: Approximately 659,100
  • Tsuen Wan District - Population: Approximately 318,900
  • Tuen Mun District - Population: Approximately 495,900
  • Yuen Long District - Population: Approximately 607,200

3. Top Cities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for its bustling cities, and the top five cities by population in the region are Hong Kong (the main city), Kowloon, Tsuen Wan, Yuen Long, and Tuen Mun.

4. Economy of Hong Kong

Hong Kong boasts a highly developed and free-market-oriented economy. As of the latest available data, Hong Kong's GDP is estimated at over 360 billion USD, with a steady growth rate. The GDP per capita is approximately 48,000 USD. The region's economy is heavily reliant on financial services, trade, and logistics. Hong Kong is one of the world's leading financial centers and plays a crucial role in global commerce.

5. Top Companies in Hong Kong

Hong Kong hosts a plethora of multinational and local companies across various industries. While it is challenging to list the top companies definitively, some notable businesses operating in Hong Kong include conglomerates like CK Hutchison Holdings and Jardine Matheson Holdings. These companies are major players in the region's diverse economy. You can explore more about these companies on their official websites:

  1. CK Hutchison Holdings
  2. Jardine Matheson Holdings

6. Top Banks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's financial sector is robust, and it houses several major banks offering a wide range of financial services. Some of the top banks in Hong Kong include HSBC, Bank of China (Hong Kong), and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong). These banks provide retail and corporate banking services, wealth management, and investment solutions. You can find more information about these banks on their official websites:

  1. HSBC
  2. Bank of China (Hong Kong)
  3. Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong)

Company Directory by Sector

AgricultureArtCrafts (1)Business ServicesBusiness Process Management and Modeling (2)~Legal Advice (1)~Recruitment, HR (1)CateringFood (1)~Organic Food (1)~Restaurants (1)ConstructionBuilding Construction (1)EducationCoaching (3)~Colleges and Universities (5)~Private Lessons (1)~Professional (4)Energy UseEntertainmentDating (1)~Events and Activities (1)~Gambling, Betting and Lotteries (3)~Games, Indoor, Outdoor, Computer (1)~Nightlife, Clubs, Discos, Karaoke (1)~Toys (1)EnvironmentEventsFamilyFinance and InsuranceBanks (2)~Financial Services (5)~Insurance (1)~Investments (2)~Pension Funds (2)Government and Non-profitEducation (4)~Scientific (4)Handmade, Home-MadeFood and Drinks (1)Health and CareAlternative Medicine (1)~Body Practices (3)~Clinics and Hospitals (2)~Fitness and Coaching (2)~Medical Devices and Accessories (1)~Mental Health (1)~Spa and Wellness (3)HomeArchitecture and Construction (1)~Domestic Services (1)~Furniture (2)~Home Appliances (2)~Home Improvement (1)~Home Supplies (1)Human and SocietyIndustrial Goods and ServicesElectrical Equipment and Cables (1)~Jewelry (1)~Packaging Materials (2)MiningMass MediaNews Agencies (1)~Social Media, Messengers (1)~TV, Radio, Online Media (2)Personal and CustomizedAccessories (1)~Garments (1)Professional ServicesAccounting (1)~Advertising (3)~Business Management and Consulting (5)~Cyber Security and Data Protection (1)~Digital Marketing, Promotion, SEO (6)~Employment and Recruitment (2)~Internet Services (1)~Legal Consulting (2)~Marketing (6)~Medical Consulting (1)~Quality Management and Certification (1)~Research and Development (1)~Seminars and Trainings (3)~Testing (1)~Tuning and Customization (1)~Video and Photography (2)~Web Design and Software Development (7)~Web Hosting (1)Real EstateDevelopment (1)~Investment (1)~Property Management (1)~Real Estate Agents (3)~Rent and Leasing (1)Science and TechnologyInfrastructure, Facitilites (2)~Institutes, Laboratories (5)~Personalities (1)Sports and RecreationGambling (1)TelecommunicationsComputer Software (1)~Internet (1)~Programming (1)TradeE-commerce (1)~International (3)~Retail Trade (1)~Wholesale Trade (1)Transport and StorageAviation (1)~Freight Forwarding (1)~Rail (1)~Warehousing (1)TravelTransportation (1)

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