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Last updated: 11 Dec 2023

Gambia Business Directory & List of Companies

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Capital City and 5 Largest Cities in Gambia

  • Capital City Banjul: Banjul is the capital city of Gambia and serves as the political, economic, and administrative center of the country. It is located on an island along the Gambia River and is the country's largest urban area.
  • Five Largest Cities

  • Serrekunda: Serrekunda, often referred to as "Kanifing" after the administrative region it is part of, is the largest city in The Gambia in terms of population. It is located on the Atlantic coast and is known for its bustling markets and commercial activities.
  • Brikama: Brikama is the largest town in the West Coast Region of The Gambia and is known for its agricultural activities, including peanut farming. It is an important commercial and trading center.
  • Bakau: Bakau is situated on the Atlantic coast and is known for its tourist attractions, including the Kachikally Crocodile Pool and the Bakau Botanical Gardens. It is a popular destination for visitors to The Gambia.
  • Farafenni: Farafenni is a major town located in the North Bank Region of The Gambia. It is a significant transportation and trading hub, as it is located near the Gambia River, making it an essential river crossing point.
  • Lamin: Lamin is a town located in the West Coast Region and is known for its residential areas and educational institutions. It is part of the Greater Banjul Area.
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Gambian Business & Economy

  1. Gross Domestic Product (GDP): The GDP of Gambia was approximately 1.6 billion USD in 2020, according to the World Bank.
  2. GDP per Capita: The GDP per capita in Gambia was estimated to be around 800 USD in 2020. Please note that Gambia is one of the poorest countries in Africa, and income distribution can vary widely.
  3. Main Industries: Gambia's economy is primarily based on agriculture, with key crops including peanuts, rice, millet, sorghum, and maize. Fishing and tourism also play important roles in the economy.
  4. Tourism: Tourism is a significant sector in Gambia, attracting visitors with its beautiful beaches, wildlife reserves, and cultural attractions. In 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism contributed to about 20% of Gambia's GDP.
  5. Foreign Aid: Gambia receives foreign aid and assistance from various international organizations and countries to support its development efforts and economic stability.
  6. Currency: The currency of Gambia is the Gambian Dalasi (GMD).
  7. Trade Partners: Gambia's main trading partners include neighboring countries in West Africa, such as Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. The European Union is also a significant trading partner.
  8. Challenges: Gambia faces economic challenges such as high poverty rates, unemployment, and a reliance on agriculture that is vulnerable to weather fluctuations. Efforts have been made to diversify the economy and reduce these vulnerabilities.

Ten Top Companies in Gambia

  1. Gambia Telecommunications Company (Gamtel): The state-owned telecommunications company in Gambia, providing landline and internet services.
  2. Gambia Ports Authority: Responsible for managing the ports and harbors in Gambia, including the Port of Banjul, which is a key gateway for trade in the region.
  3. Gambia Commercial and Industrial Bank (GCIB): A prominent commercial bank in Gambia that provides banking and financial services.
  4. Standard Chartered Bank Gambia: A branch of the international banking group, Standard Chartered, offering a range of banking services in Gambia.
  5. Trust Bank Gambia: Another leading bank in Gambia, providing various financial services to individuals and businesses.
  6. Gambia International Airlines: The national airline of Gambia, offering both domestic and international flights.
  7. Senegambia Beach Hotel: A well-known beachfront hotel and resort in the tourism sector, catering to both tourists and business travelers.
  8. Africmed Clinic: A private medical clinic providing healthcare services to the local population and visitors.
  9. GamPetroleum: Engaged in the distribution and marketing of petroleum products in Gambia.
  10. Gambia Bird Airlines: An airline that operates both domestic and regional flights, connecting Gambia to other parts of West Africa.

Ten Top Banks in Gambia

  1. Ecobank Gambia: Ecobank is a prominent pan-African bank with a presence in several African countries, including Gambia. It offers a range of banking and financial services.
  2. Standard Chartered Bank Gambia: Standard Chartered is an international banking group with operations in Gambia, providing banking and financial services to individuals and businesses.
  3. Trust Bank Gambia: Trust Bank is a well-established Gambian bank that offers a variety of banking products and services.
  4. First International Bank (FIBank) Gambia: FIBank is a commercial bank in Gambia, providing banking solutions to both retail and corporate customers.
  5. Access Bank Gambia: Access Bank is a Nigerian-based bank with a presence in Gambia, offering a range of banking services.
  6. Gambia Commercial and Industrial Bank (GCIB): GCIB is a significant commercial bank in Gambia that provides financial services to the local community.
  7. United Bank for Africa (UBA) Gambia: UBA is a pan-African bank with a branch in Gambia, offering banking and financial solutions.
  8. Zenith Bank Gambia: Zenith Bank is another Nigerian-based bank that operates in Gambia, providing banking services to individuals and businesses.
  9. Banjul International Bank (BIB): BIB is a Gambian bank that serves both retail and corporate clients.
  10. Prime Bank Gambia: Prime Bank is a Gambian-based financial institution that offers banking services.

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