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лого - Lasit - laser marking and engraving
Lasit - laser marking and engraving
Via Solferino 4, Torre Annunziata, Италия
LASIT is a company of one hundred people who develop laser marking technologies with passion and dedication. We are big enough to make the difference, but also small enough to...

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лого - Precitools
Milan, Италия
PRECITOOLS SRLS - is italian professional supplier of various solutions for tube and sheetmetal deformation - bending tools, simple machines, a little for punching. We also provide consulting and complete...

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лого - Architettura Sonora
Architettura Sonora
Via del Fornaccio, 44, Vallina, Bagno a Ripoli (FL), Tuscany, Italy Bagno a Ripoli, Florence, Италия
Architettura Sonora is a leading audio speaker manufacturers company that designs and makes a variety of unique audio speakers that give excellent power-bass and high-performing sound experience at a great...

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