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Продукция химической промышленности / Промышленные товары и услуги - список компаний - Великобритания

лого - British Petroleum BP
British Petroleum BP
London, Великобритания
British Petroleum (BP) is an Oil & Gas Industry Company headquartered in London, UK. It is considered as one of the seven SuperMajors - biggest global oil companies.

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лого - FlavorActiV
Parkwood Stud, Aston Park, Aston Rowant, Watlington Oxfordshire, Великобритания
Our sensory solutions enhance food and beverage enjoyment globally. Using our sensory tools, we accurately evaluate the taste and aroma standards of food and beverages. We empower professional tasting panels through...

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лого - Alsco
Unit 13 Hillmead Industrial Estate Swindon, Великобритания
Alsco Ltd specialises in the distribution of consumable chemical products for industry. We are also the UK’s main distributor for Sulzer Cox professional applicator guns, accessories and spares.

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лого - Bioscan LTD
Bioscan LTD
Taunton, Великобритания
Bioscan, a global leader in spray dryer & vessel crack test inspections and services, offers silo crack testing, tank & bag filter inspections, & more.

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лого - Maxkote Ltd
Maxkote Ltd
YO30 4XL Clifton Moor, Великобритания
We have over 20 years of experience in the repair and maintenance industry and offer the MaxKote range of polymer-based engineering solutions and protection systems. Our materials are specifically designed...

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лого - A M Environ
A M Environ
Beckenham, Великобритания
A M Environ transforms Beckenham spaces with precision and creativity. Our exterior decorating service in Beckenham elevates your outdoor ambiance, while our expertise extends to outdoor wall decor, landscaping, and...

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