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Some services of Bizpages, such as business listing, adding products and service, some types of client reviews are a paid service. See below the list of paid services and prices.

❶ Initial Company Listing Fee (set up fee, paid once for a business)

To include a business in the Bizpages, an Initial Listing Fee (one time) of 5 USD is applied. Users need to have the required amount in the User Balance to submit their listing for moderation.

❷ Listing Modifications

These include:
  • Modifying a business company listing (requires re-approval by moderator)
  • Modifying a business product or service
  • Modifying a business-driven post, article or publication
The cost of any such modification is 1 USD charged from the User Balance.

❸ Adding a business product/service page

The cost for adding a business products/services page is 8 USD charged from the User Balance.

❹ Adding a business-related post, article or news

The cost for adding a business article is 10 USD charged from the User Balance.

❺ Adding a non-business post, article or news

A neutral non-business related article can be added 100% free of charge. It should be well-written, relevant and of value to our audience. It is at the discretion of our moderators to approve or decline such publications.

We invite authors to submit articles devoted to humanitarian, social or environmental problems.

See how the User Balance can be refilled inside your User Account.
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