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Free or Paid Membership

There are two membership levels at Bizpages: Free and Paid. Paid Membership requires a fee of 5 USD per month. As paid members, our clients can have full functionality and access to all features. Free members have access to limited functions.

See the comparison table below.

Free Paid, 5 USD per month
  • Limited Business Listing (contact info hidden)
  • Products and Services Pages not available
  • Publications not available
  • Client Management Tool
  • ClientBonusTM not available
  • ClientUpdate not available
  • PersonalTouch not available
  • Full Business Listing (contact info shown)
  • Unlimited Products & Services Pages
  • Unlimited Posts & Articles
  • Client Management Tool
  • ClientBonusTM
  • ClientUpdate
  • PersonalTouch
See how Paid Membership can be purchased or continued inside your Account.

What happens if the membership is not renewed at some point

  • Your added business listing will stay, contacts will be hidden
  • Your added product pages will stay, with links, images and videos. Link type may change to nofollow.
  • Articles and posts will stay, link type may change to nofollow
  • Client Management remains available
  • ClientBonusTM will be suspended
  • ClientUpdate will be suspended
  • PersonalTouch will be suspended
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